The Wox fire pit, when shared with your loved ones around the same fire, not only warms your bodies but also nurtures your souls. As you cook meals sitting around Wox, it doesn’t just offer delicious flavours but also brings hearts closer together. It enables you to appreciate the value of time spent together.
BLACK : You will enjoy discovering the elegance of luxury with Wox Black model in your outdoor space. It willfascinate your guests with its magnificence.
CORTEN : You will enjoy discovering the harmony between the processed metal representing human and the oxidation representing nature with the unique Wox Corten model in your garden
WOODEN: Painted in a natural wooden hue, Wox will appear in your garden as if it has emerged as a gift from mother nature herself!
Your loved ones will join you at every corner of Wox, engaging in delightful conversations and actively participating in the preparation of delicious meals. Wox is a masterpiece reflecting the abundance and diversity of nature with its eight corners.
Meat, chicken, fish or vegetables; cook with confidence

Assembling is feasable with four easy steps.

  • Safety and Performance Focus:
    Engineered for safe cooking, the Wox boasts a metal cooking chamber, an exclusive flame chamber ventilation system, and a self-cooling outer chamber, ensuring top-notch safety and performance.
  • Versatile Customization:
    Tailor your experience with the optional Wox side table attachment, facilitating up to 8-person seating. The wooden components, crafted from special tropical trees, add a touch of elegance and long-lasting durability
  • Safety, Mobility, and Convenience in Design:
    Ensuring complete safety, Titan is stable, tip-proof, and allows for safe flame burning and healthy cooking. With special heavy duty wheels, Titan is versatile and mobile. Additionally, it incorporates storage space at the bottom and offers super easy cleaning and main tenance for a hassle-free experience.