Sina is a traditional table rooted in centuries-old Anatolian customs, where warm family meals have been shared. This tradition comes to life as families gather to share meals, elevating the sense of togetherness and solidarity with every bite. Sini is more than just a table where meals are shared; it symbolizes coming together and strengthening bonds. We bring this powerful essence to your garden with the Sina fire pit. You will enjoy discovering the elegance of luxury with Sina Black model in your garden.
Sina allows you to experience Anatolia’s tradition of sharing meals and family unity with a modern touch.
Start a new tradition in your garden with Sina and make the moments you share with your family even more special.

Elevate the sense of togetherness and 140 solidarity with Sina.

  • Elegance in Suspension:
    Sina introduces a hidden stand system, creating an illusion of suspension for the lower sheet, upper sheet, and camber part when viewed from different angles, adding a touch of visual enchantment.
  • Safety and Convenience in Design:
    Safety takes center stage with every precaution in place to prevent tipping over, even with woods at the bottom. Sina is engineered with fire safety in mind, ensuring a worry-free cooking experience. Delivered disassembled, it combines aesthetics, safety, and ease of assembly for a holistic user experience.