Luna fire pit invites you to trace the deep rituals that humanity has experienced throughoutthe history. When you sit by the light ofthe fire and observe the dance of sparks with yourloved ones, you will return to that mystical bond the ancient people felt during the ceramonials they performed around the fire.When placed in your garden, Luna not only provides heat but also envelops you in a warm atmosphere surrounded by the mystique of fire, offering you the opportunity to gather unforgettable memories.

Feel the aesthetic stand of craftsmanship.
Feel the connection to ancient people!

  • Aesthetic Brilliance, Day and Night:
    Revel in Luna’s stylish structure that unveils its unique design, particularly enchanting during the evening, creating an elegant ambiance. Igniting a stylish appearance, Luna draws attention with the heat it emits, establishing a warm atmosphere.
  • Durability and Safety in Design:
    Crafted in two parts, Luna’s innovative design prioritizes safety, featuring meticulous measures to prevent ash scattering during burning. Experience the fusion of elegance and safety with Luna.