Achieve geometric symmetry in your outdoor space with Hera’s quadrangular shape. It is not only a cooking tool, but also its aesthetic design will be no different than a decoration in your outdoor space. Enjoy four pleasures by four corners with Hera.

Manage your space with removable side tables.
Meat, chicken, fish and vegetables will be cooked deliciously on it.

  • Culinary Excellence Redefined:
    Hera is your gateway to culinary mastery, expertly grilling meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Its flame chamber features a specially crafted for proper fire for cooking, while the cooking area, made from a special metal sheet, ensures an optimal grilling experience.
  • Safety-First Design and Thoughtful Features:
    Hera prioritizes safety with a flame chamber strategically designed to be out of reach for children. The cooking area is meticulously crafted to be compatible with a variety of foods, offering a seamless and secure cooking environment.