The refined curve is both visually striking and optimizes flame flow, creating captivating light and shadow play. Committed to style and durability, Corten steel contributes Bombe very much.
It can be easily carried thanks to the ring handle.
Bombe’s aesthetics come from its curved structure, which provides a wider area of fire than it appears.

No need for assembly as it is one piece.

  • Optimal Materials and Fireproof Design:
    Crafted from materials suitable for both flame burning and product integrity, Bombe ensures a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and safety. The use of fireproof paint not only enhances durability but also provides a stylish finish, of fering an additional layer of protection.
  • Convenient Handling and Versatility:
    Engineered for easy carrying, Bombe is self-contained, prioritizing user convenience. With a dual purpose as both a decorative ele ment and a visually appealing flame, Bombe seamlessly combines functionality and style. Shipped disassembled, Bombe embraces ver satility, offering a flexible and user-friendly experience.